Fine Tea Competition 2011 | Winners announced

We are very pleased to announce the winners for our first Fine Tea Competition.

First Prize £25.00
Rumjhum Biswas discusses Sumana Roy’s “Love: Made in China”, published in “The China Issue” (July 2011). [Read Biswas’s article here.]

Second Prize £15.00
Marybeth Rua-Larsen discusses Maysa Vang’s “Between Her and Me”, published in Issue #11 (May 2010). [Read Rua-Larsen’s article here.]

Third Prize £10.00
Sumana Roy discusses Anindita Sengupta’s “Arambol, Goa”, published in Issue #3 (May 2008). [Read Roy’s article here.]

Highly Recommended £5 each

  • W.F. Lantry discusses Arthur Leung’s “Earthen Houses”, published in “The China Issue” (July 2011). [Read Lantry’s article here.]
  • Daniel A. Nicholls discusses Ji Shengli’s “Policemen”, cover image for “The China Issue” (July 2011). [Read Nicholls’s article here.]
  • Vineet Kaul discusses Nicholas Y.B. Wong’s “Appetites”, published in Issue #13 (February 2011). [Read Kaul’s article here.]

All the six winning entries will be published on this site, one by one, over the coming weeks. The writers become our Guest Tea Tasters.

Judges: (regular tea tasters) Tammy HoJeff ZrobackJarno Jakonen and Bob Bradshaw.

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