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From the most recent to the most savoured:

  1. Jason S Polley’s “Constituent Command”by zl
  2. Reihana Robinson’s “After the Fall or the Power of Reading” by rm
  3. Nicholas Francis’s “Unpacking” –by th
  4. Anuradha Vijayakrishnan’s “Suicide Note” (2) –by th
  5. “Shi and the Ten Lion Stones”: Riddle or Nonsense? –by rs
  6. May Dy’s “We” — by bh
  7. Ricky Garni’s “The Tarsier” –by th and bh
  8. Ricky Garni’s “Literal Translation of Korean Ideograms” –by th and ms
  9. Kathlene Postma’s “Chinese Box” –by sk
  10. Salvatore Attardo’s “Workers Disturb My Sleep in Beijing” (2) –by th
  11. Sumana Roy’s “Love: Made in China” –by rb
  12. Maysa Vang’s “Between Her and Me”–by mr-l
  13. Anindita Sengupta’s “Arambol, Gao” –by sr
  14. Ji Shengli’s “Policemen” –by dan
  15. Arthur Leung’s “Earthen Houses” –by wfl
  16. Salvatore Attardo’s “Workers Disturb My Sleep in Beijing” –by th
  17. Kristine Ong Muslim’s “Preface to a Pornographer’s Dirty Book”  –by th & jz
  18. Krishnakumar Sankaran’s “Incubated” –by th
  19. Amy Uyematsu’s “August Green” –by th & jz
  20. Jennifer Wong’s “Companions” –by th & yws
  21. Rumjhum Biswas’s “Bones –by bb
  22. Eddie Tay’s “White Pages”–by bb
  23. Eddie Tay’s “Country”–by th
  24. Eddie Tay’s “Night Thoughts”–by th
  25. Wena Poon’s “Copernicus for a Singaporean Grandmother”–by th & jz
  26. Papa Osmubal’s “A Bum’s Demise”–by th
  27. Phill Provance’s “St. Petersburg Has Many Churches”–by th & jz
  28. Tai Dong Huai’s “New Baby”by rm
  29. Anuradha Vijayakrishnan’s “Suicide Note”–by th & jj
  30. Elizabeth Schultz’s “Options” –by th
  31. C. P. Stewart’s “I Will Always Remember” –by th
  32. Aryanil Mukherjee’s “Hand Movements of a Puppeteer”
    –by th & jj
  33. Donna Pucciani’s “Lunar Eclipse” –by th & jz
  34. Anna Yin’s “Raspberries” –by th
  35. Phoebe Tsang’s “Song for a Commuting Gravedigger”
    –by th & jz
  36. Divya Rajan’s “Factory Girls” –by th
  37. Steven Schroeder’s “Guidebook Says” –by th
  38. Grace Chin’s “The Clothesline” –by th
  39. Gillian Sze’s “Sonnet II”–by th & jj
  40. Gilbert Koh’s “Not Home” –by th & jz
  41. Martin Alexander’s “Smashing up the Grand Piano” –by th
  42. Sridala Swami’s “moments before they take him away”
    –by th
  43. Alan Jefferies’s “Last Stand”–by th
  44. Reid Mitchell’s “Hiring Mourners in Wan Chai”–by th 
  45. Ouyang Yu’s “Bad English” –by th
  46. Bryan Thao Worra’s “Zelkova Tree” –by th
  47. Papa Osmubal’s “At Hac Sa Beach, Macau”–by th
  48. Catherine Candano’s “Exercise: Unlearning “Heart”” –by th

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